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Elizaveta App Ref by NuclearLoop Elizaveta App Ref by NuclearLoop

Full Name: Elizaveta Legrand 

Show Name: Papillon De Nuit (Pa-peiyon-de-nuee) (Aka Butterfly of the Night) 

Occupation: Ringmaster

Nickname(s): Eliza, Liz, Moth Mother

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 110lbs

Species: ??? 

Alignment: Lawful Good

Theme Song: Up&Up by Coldplay (Including the whole AHFOD album)


Elizaveta is mega-maternal when it comes to her troupe. She love, love, LOVES everybody upon meeting unless they give her a reason otherwise. She's very protective and encouraging to her performer's and crew, and tries to be the very best she can be to make their lives great and to entertain the masses, smiles are her favorite form of payment. Rather vain, loves to do her makeup and dress up. Also very elegant and whimsical, light footed and feminine. Super positive and upbeat, she will not let a rainy day or a bad performance hinder her mood. Looooves the spotlight, and getting the audience amped for her beloved band of misfits. 

  • Very strong magic user (often only uses her abilities for show)
  • Her magic can deal a great amount of damage if needed for defense. 
  • She can manipulate things around her, both for illusions and conjuring physical items to an extent.
  • She is able to fly, but normally doesn't bother to. Goes for a good distance before getting tired. 
  • Good negotiator; prefers words before action. 

  • Too nice, trusting, and forgiving for her own good. 
  • If she uses magic for prolonged periods of time she will grow tired, especially when conjuring physical items vs. illusions for show. 
  • Pretty small and nimble, she definitely uses her wits over brawn to settle ordeals.
  • Grows tired if she flies for too long, wings are fragile.


Elizaveta grew up in a rather wealthy family on her home planet, a family who was prestigious in magic, which was a pretty big deal within their society.

Elizaveta, as did all her siblings, pursued an education in magic. However, Eliza preferred using her abilities for show and entertainment vs. putting it towards 'benefiting others', though she would digress. Smiles and laughs were beneficial as well, were they not? Her family disapproved of this lifestyle and tried to sway her in a more progressive direction, which took a rather hefty toll on the moth's self-esteem. But, regardless, she kept her spirits high in a point to prove to them her aspirations were not just silly dreams and did not let their attitudes get the best of her.

Her parents tried everything they could, restricting her magic use outside of school, attempting to find her suitors that could lead her off the beaten path, anything. But much to their efforts, Eliza did not falter from her goals. Even with the restrictions and heavy supervision, Eliza managed to continue her studies and proved to be a very strong and gifted magic-user, best in her class and her family, which made it that much more frustrating to the family she was only interested in pursuing the arts.  

Eventually after growing tired and her chipper mood wearing thin because of her family's adamant disapproval of her choices, she decided to leave and find her happiness elsewhere, where others would accept her. She scraped money together and bought out her own space-craft, and began to build her dream career; owning a circus. And not just any circus, a circus that could travel all over the known galaxies and double as a safe haven for those who wish to run away and find acceptance for themselves, too.   

Audition: A single spotlight appeared center stage, flecks of stray dust hovered and glinted as it passed the warm light as the guests in the arena sat in silent anticipation.

Silence. Patience. Go.

A sudden display of moth-shaped confetti erupted in the air and fluttered every which way. When they scattered, Elizaveta's figure hovered above the ground striking a brilliant pose as the crowed cheered with excitement. The moth fluttered to the ground, and before she hit the dirt a platform magically conjured beneath her feet and she landed gracefully, issuing a bow. 

"Welcome all!" the small moth's voice echoed, loudly, though no microphone could be seen, "To Elizaveta's Amazing and SPACETACULAR troupe of ze most talented aliens zis side of ze universe!" Eliza stood upright, clutching her cane in one hand, outstretching the other releasing a small poof of glitter. Her wings fluttered behind her as the crowd murmured with curiosity. 

The moth turned around, outstretching her wings wide to display the elaborate patterns strewn throughout--they looked like they were moving! With a flick of the hand, the eyes seemed to pop off of her wings on their own, blinking and staring around at the audience, like a hologram. The eyes grew a mouth and smiled widely, and the audience oo'd and aah'd as the eyes and mouth took on a greater form of a dragon-like creature. Eliza turned back around, arms outstretched in another pose as the dragon roared, spitting confetti, and the audience went wild. 

On with the show.

Extra tidbits: 

  • Canon voice:…
  • Owns a pet tiger named Montague
  • Talent scouts are sent out on every planet the troupe lands on, in search of lesser fortunate looking to get away. If a scout spots a particular alien with purpose, they will report back to Eliza and then she herself will go out to personally invite them to audition. 
  • Can telaport short distances, mostly for show and answering to scout calls when they're very far away. 
  • Her magic is very strong, but she only likes using it to entertain and bring joy to others.
  • She loooves to dress up and color coordinate her outfits and style to match wherever they are. 
  • Tends to overwork herself when deadlines draw close, compromising her sleep schedule.

Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; Orange Respect
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Trust
Bullet; Yellow Curious
Bullet; Green Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; Blue Very Close Friend
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Annoyance
Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red Upset over
:bulletpink: Minor Attraction
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Major Attraction
Bullet; Red Love 
Bullet; Purple Family
Bullet; Black Dislike
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Hate
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black Fear

Mom (Pansy) |:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletorange::bulletorange:| SHE IS MY GF AND I LOVE HER.  
Vega |:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletorange::bulletorange:| Ze best costume designer AND acrobat! Such a sweet boy. 
|:bulletgreen::bulletpurple:| Such a firey spirit, and she makes such good company for my Monmon!
|:bulletgreen::bulletpurple:| Such a sweet little robot, ze best janitor AND security! Keeps our circus spick and span!
Ged |:bulletgreen::bulletpurple:| So clumsy, I worry for him! But he is such a kind dear. 
Fritz |:bulletgreen::bulletpurple:| He is so kind, too! Ze dear just needs to wean in, he will love it here.
Inzu |:bulletgreen::bulletpurple:| An aspiring magician, the best!
Altissimo |:bulletgreen::bulletpurple:| You are so nice, Missure! Very flattering...
Gek |:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletyellow:| I hope we can get beyond her trying to eat me, it is not fun :c 
Felix |:bulletgreen::bulletpurple:| He is a frazzled one, but I trust he will learn and love ze way of circus life!
Gwen |:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletpurple:| She is such a firey young spark! I really hope she warms up to me :c 

Everyone in her troupe |:bulletred::bulletpurple::bulletgreen:

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Moths are the BEST
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