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June 21, 2012
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What originally was going to be the idea of Arbitrary, the creation, were now strands of energy flowing into the lifeless shell of Bernard. Marty held his staff tightly as the ribbons of white energy fueled it, its blue glow illuminating brighter than ever before.

The power was strong—very strong. Marty grinned as he could feel the life of Bernard back at his fingertips, and he loved it. The last of the energy transferring, Marty fixed his posture, looking down at the healthy Bernard once again; its pulse of power nothing he had ever felt before.

"Thanks." He smiled, beginning to chuckle.

"I hope you can do better with it than I." the creator said quietly.

"Oh believe me, I will." He continued to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing." Marty looked up, smiling innocently, giggling again, "I… Best be on my way. Come on kitty." He said, stepping towards a newly formed door, the floating companion following silently behind. He had won; was it really that easy? It seemed it was.

"Wait just a moment…" the creator said, Marty halted in his step.

"Er… What?"

"What are you playing at?" the voice said, more stern now. The sudden change of tone startled the alien.

"I'm not playing anything! I wanted Bernard alive again so I could win this stupid thing!"

"So you used me?"

"Wow…" Marty huffed, "really?? You just now figured that out?"

The creator fell silent; but the void didn't.  Blackness replaced the white, the only light emitting now was from Marty's cyan stripes. The door was gone as well, leading Marty to say, "Well this complicates things. What's the deal, dude?"

"Selfish characters such as yourself shouldn't win, not this easily." The creator said. Marty lost his grin.

"Well, alright then." The shadow cat beside Marty prodded his shoulder, its white eyes being the only thing visible on it. Its eyes gave an impression of terror, as it tried to move the blaco's face to wherever it was aiming for. "Will you chillax? You haven't done anything this entire time, what's so important at this moment?"

He let his gaze fall on what the cat was looking at; a gargantuan, red eyed glowing demon in the shape of what appeared to be a coyote. It's fangs dripped a crimson red, bioluminescent, liquid, as an eruption of lights spread across the length of its body in a familiar pattern similar to its foe; Marty.

"Well, aren't you the handsome devil?" Marty teased. But the coyote only responded with a shrieking howl that echoed through the pitch black void, spattering liquid-like debris across the blaco's skin. "Well… Ok then." Marty laughed nervously.

The coyote started forward, gaping its jaws showing the rest of its teeth; Marty realized it was aiming at him.

"Ok! I'm uh… Sorry, creator-person!" Marty said nervously, sliding back as the creature gained on him. The cat was tugging at his shoulder, ebbing him to get out of the way. Then the hot impact of a gigantic paw pad sent the blaco flying across the floor of the void, landing with a sharp thud and tumble as his body thrashed to gain foot again.

"You asked if I wanted to be a part of the story," the coyote growled deeply, "so here I am."

Marty made an awkward smile, clever.

Then the coyote began to pick up speed towards the smaller man. Marty panicked, Bernard still in his hand he did the only thing he knew he could do; within a second a burst of cold hard energy emitted from the tip of the staff aimed directly towards the demon, the substance materializing into hefty-looking chains. The alien managed to laugh as he realized Bernard was never able to pull something off like that so quickly. The creator's gift would be coming in handy, indeed.

The coyote thrashed as the Blacorite began to run the opposite direction in search of a way out. The cats eyes led him in a direction he assumed would be towards the door. A sound of breaking, screeching metal erupted from behind, ending with a clang. The beast was free.

"You say imagination is power, how about I use that on YOU." The creator rumbled, the floor beneath Marty shattering into another set of terrain; something all too familiar to the blaco's eyes. He screeched to a halt, nearly colliding with a phone pole. The sky above electrified into a beautiful dance of azure lightning, buildings towered above in all sorts of shapes and sizes; Diabolus. "I know your game, now, Marty.

Marty stepped back, his heart pounding, he looked back to see his old house in replacement of where his main building would be. "What is..." He was cut off with the sudden heat of a second impact, pinning himself to the floor beneath the coyote's claws. He wriggled in attempts to get loose. The beast lowered its head, making eye contact with the pathetic little man stuck in its grasp. Marty felt something he hadn't felt in millennia; fear. This creature could kill him, easy. But he wasn't going to give up that easily, not without a fight.

Marty kept firm hold on Bernard as pressure began to build along his rib cage from the weight of the demon. The ground began to crack around the two, hefty, glowing vines protruded from the street's pavement, the tips colliding with the underbelly of the demon sending it up and out to crash against the building behind it.

The alien took a moment to breath, sitting up anxiously holding his chest. Those vines were huge, this was awesome. "Not so… Tough now… Are ya!?" he said between gasps sarcastically.

The coyote growled, sliding down the debris of the fallen building and back to the ground, thrashing to gain its feet. Marty took the chance to stand up, sliding up against the building closest to him. Where the hell was this door at?? "Kitty thing where are you!" but the shadowy minion was nowhere to be found now.

The demon bellowed, its claws landing on the pavement again. Marty took action straight away; another vine appeared from the ground, wrapping itself endlessly around and up the creatures leg and up towards its neck. When the second claw hit the blacktop, there appeared yet another vine. By the time the plants reached the creatures head, they materialized into a steel lock. That should hold it.

"You won't be able to win with your attitude, Marty. There's more to a story than just the end!"

"Well I'm not that far yet, now am I?" Marty replied, turning his back and starting for his house. He hesitated, standing before the door, but the sound of more breaking steel from behind broke through his conscience letting his instincts grab for the handle, rolling through the other side and back into the colorful fields of the medium.

The blaco let out a sigh of relief, lying on his back against the soft grass. Then he began to laugh again.

"It's about time!" the familiar sound of Omer sounded from just a few yards away. "Get up, will you? We have a problem."

"No." Marty laughed even more.

"What? What's so funny??" the angered judge demanded.

Then the laughter shifted into a maniacal cackle. The alien stood up, his expression curled into a psychotic grin. He looked down at the colorful bandy man, "You can't tell me what to do. Not anymore, you silly little judge." He said.

"What? Stop being ridiculous, glow-stick—" He was interrupted by a sudden change in the atmosphere; the colorful hue of the sky had disappeared, being replaced with a haze of dark gray. The judge looked up; flews of blue static loomed over a gigantic black tower, and a blue cyan stripe running up the edge of it. The ground beneath the bandy man began to crack; he jumped far enough away in the nick of time for the growth of a second building. He watched in horror as more and more skyscrapers protruded from the ground surrounding the main one.

"Stop playing around, Marty! I don't have time to deal with this stuff! There's a tear just out—"

"Shut up bandy-man!" Shouted Marty from atop his new fortress, his pupils contracted. He was losing it. "My world's as good as dead, anyway! But now… Now Bernard is stronger than ever, so it's time to move on to bigger and better things!"

"You're fluxing with the canon, Marty! You're going to destroy everything if you keep this up!"

"Stop lecturing me, I DON'T CAAAAARE." Marty kept edging on, peeking over the roof and down at the frightened judge.

Omer whipped around as the touch of shadowy air brushed up on him; Darius, and beside him, Peepiceek. The mouse looked panicked, "Omer…" he said, out of breath, "What did I tell you?"

Omer looked back up as the maniacal laughter of the evil man rang through the newly established buildings. "I know, Peepiceek. This is going to be one helluva turnout."

End Round 4

Welp, that wraps it up for me.

This round definitely was tricky, very tricky, and I hope I pulled it off as best I could, especially to Songdog. I again apologize if I got anything, or anybody too OOC.

I'm not sure if Marty trying to force the medium to become a second Diabolus is... against the rules or not. But I guess we'll see. I had this idea swimming in my brain for a good few weeks now so I hope I pulled it off right.

I tried heeding several people's advice throughout this wrong so I hope it shows in the least.

But lastly I'd like to wish my opponent ~Songdog-StrayFang best of luck on her semi-finals, and it was a pleasure figuring out what to do with Arbitrary and I hope I gave it justice. :tea:

Critic on story and writing, as always, is welcome. Best of luck semi-finalists!


All characters belong to their rightful owners
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Songdog-StrayFang Jun 30, 2012  Student Writer
Marty: Certified super-villain. Just needs his cape. Villains get capes right?

It has been much an honor, and I shall not let you down.
NuclearLoop Jun 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
[link] I don't think she would agree. Then again, the thought of Marty being snagged into a jet turbine is kinda amusing.

And I say shall the same, I'm quite scared out of my shorts right now :dummy:
Songdog-StrayFang Jun 30, 2012  Student Writer
No capes for heros. But Marty is hardly a hero.

I don't think you have cause for worry.
NuclearLoop Jun 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
He's a hero in his own mind, for himself!
AlfaFilly Jun 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Silly Marty, what have you done? >:V You stop taking over another dimension and go into that corner right now and think about what you've done!
It won't be any fun for Mart unless he has a Harlie to boss around and a Linda to stalk him. He'll have to make the best of what he has I guess.

I've said it already but still, an awesome round! You went through a lot of challenges to get here but you did it! It was well put together, gave some insight into Mart, and had one fancy plot twist~ You incorporated Arbs pretty good too all things considered. Now it lives on inside Bernard. For the mean time, anyway.

Best of luck! :iconexciteddummyplz:
NuclearLoop Jun 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
He'll just screw up with making life forms again and make a creepy lookin Harlie n Linda just so he feels at home 8D Well, maybe not Linda, he'd feel safer knowing she isn't around 8C

But thanks dude! :D I'm le scared 8C
AlfaFilly Jun 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He'll make a new Linda and it will have a magical hugging power that destroys anything she touches and she will become Marty's new Boh bodyguard and also his slave girl and obey every command and make him sammiches.

Don't be scared bro 8'U Just do the breathing exercises I taught you!
NuclearLoop Jun 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
That makes sense, he could just make an anti-linda to scare everyone away 8D

I forgot how to breath 8'C
AlfaFilly Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ffffff Anti-Lindas everywhere 8'C No one would want to go visit knowing such a thing existed.
Cloudbat Jun 22, 2012  Student General Artist
Millennia? Good god, just how old is he?

And as if the rifts and volcano weren't enough, now we have Diabolus to deal with.

Super villain Marty. We are all dead.
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